When to Install a Water Softener

How Hard Water Wrecks Plumbing Systems

There are many causes of plumbing issues in a home. One of the most common – and most damaging to plumbing systems – is hard water. This water condition is caused when there are high concentrations of minerals, typically calcium and magnesium, in a water supply. 

While hard water does not impact a household’s health, it can harm a home’s plumbing appliances and fixtures and shorten their lifespan. It can cause minerals to build up on systems and restrict water flow, reducing water pressure. Homeowners can avoid these issues and get more benefits by installing a water softener. This post will share how water softeners work, their advantages, and how to identify the signs of hard water indicating the need for a water softener installation.

How Water Softeners Treat Hard Water

water softenerWhen a home has hard water, the best way to treat it is to install a water softener. These systems can quickly and accurately treat water hardness, often through an ion exchange process. During the first step, water flows into the water softener resin tank. Here, the negatively charged resin beads react with the positively charged calcium and magnesium ions in the hard water. 

A brine solution is then created when water from the brine tank flows into the resin tank. Then, during a backwash cycle, minerals are rinsed away from the resin bed. Finally, the treated water flows into the plumbing system to be used by the household through plumbing fixtures and appliances. 

Hard Water: Symptoms Homeowners Need to Know

One of the best ways to avoid damaged plumbing appliances and other effects of hard water is to install a water softener. The faster homeowners recognize the signs of hard water, the quicker they can schedule services with a plumber and get the benefits of water softener installation.

There are many symptoms of hard water that household residents might notice. On the plumbing fixtures or appliances, homeowners might see white mineral deposits forming or hard water. They might also notice decreased water pressure caused by buildups in pipes or spots on their dishes after they’ve been washed. Household members may also notice they have dry, itchy skin or faded clothing due to hard water. 

How Whole Home Water Softeners Benefit Your House

save money Adding a whole-house water softener system can have many benefits for the household, residents, and the plumbing system. Some of the top advantages can include:

  • Longer-lasting plumbing and appliances
  • Prevention of mineral buildups in pipes and on fixtures
  • More energy-efficient plumbing system
  • Increased water pressure in showerheads and faucets
  • Cleaner glasses and dishes
  • Healthier and more hydrated skin and hair

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