Plumbing Installations

We at Expert Plumbing provide the Santa Cruz, CA, area with a wide range of high-quality installation services on a short-notice basis. Our plumbing company has multiple locations scattered throughout Santa Cruz County, has a long track record of quality workmanship, and is fully licensed and insured. We can send you a local plumber with the training and experience to install your new plumbing-related item quickly, correctly, and with minimal interruption to your daily routine.


A poorly done plumbing installation job can lead to poor performance, extra repairs, and early replacement. As a family owned and operated group of local plumbers, we understand the need to get the maximum value for your plumbing dollar, and we always render top-tier service at affordable rates. We also offer coupons and specials totaling $450 off our professional plumbing and heating and cooling services!  


A local plumber from Expert Plumbing can install for you any of the many plumbing items listed below and explain to you your options as far as brands, models, and materials are concerned. If you have any questions or would like to make an appointment, feel free to message us or give us a call today, (831) 316-7338.

New. More Effective Piping

  • We can repipe your entire house with new copper or PEX pipes when your existing pipes are worn, corroded, and no longer function properly.
  • A local plumber from Expert Plumbing can install a new drain under your sink or elsewhere.
  • Our local plumbers also specialize in main gas pipe installation, whether for propane or natural gas.

Efficient, Convenient Hot Water Systems

  • A local plumber can replace or upgrade your old, inefficient hot water heater with a low-cost tank heater or an energy-efficient tankless model.
  • We can replace broken, unrepairable water heater thermostats or other failed parts.
  • By installing an under-the-sink, instant hot water unit, you can enjoy instant access to an uninterrupted stream of hot water.

New and/or Upgraded Fixtures

  • We can show you a wide selection of new faucets, knobs, and levers, or we can install the fixture you have already pre-selected.
  • We can restore enjoyability to your showering experience with a brand new shower valve.
  • We also offer laundry room fixtures, like burst-proof washing machine hoses.

Top Quality Plumbing Appliances

  • We are equipped to install a dishwasher in your home and test it to ensure it is cleaning effectively.
  • Our expert technicians are well experienced at proper installation of garbage disposals.
  • New bath tub installation and old bath tub removal are no trouble for our experienced team of local plumbers.
  • We can get rid of a troublesome toilet and install a fully functional one in its place.
  • We can install a new sink in your bathroom, kitchen, or other location.

Water Waste Removal Systems

  • We can install new sewer lines when old ones break or continually malfunction. We will install via excavation or by the new, trenchless method, as needed.
  • If your backflow valve needs to be replaced, we can take care of that for you as well.

Water Purification Units

  • We offer installation of various water softeners that will make hard water mixable with soap and extend the life of your plumbing pipes.
  • We can install any number of water filtration systems that will serve to make your tap water more drinkable.

Do not hesitate to contact us today for fast, effective plumbing installation services. Our local plumbing contractor group offers valuable warranties on our workmanship along with all manufacturer’s warranties against product defects. We provide same-day service for emergency plumbing breakdowns and do every job with integrity and a high work ethic.