Professional Plumbing Repair Services

We at Expert Plumbing have amassed a vast store of valuable experience at repairing all manner of plumbing problems. Our seasoned plumbers are always ready to come to your aid and put their well-honed plumbing repair skills to work for you. While our plumbing repair services are multifaceted and numerous, most of them address plumbing problems that fit conveniently in the four following categories:

  • Drainage system problems
  • Supply system failures
  • Fixture and appliance malfunction
  • Aesthetically damaged devices

Addressing Drainage Problems

Perhaps, one of the least appreciated but certainly among the most important functions of plumbing is the removal of wastewater from your premises. When some portion of the outflow system fails, it doesn’t take long for a problem to be noticed and a plumbing contractor to be contacted. Some of the most common drainage system services we provide include:

  • Repairing a backflow valve that may be backing up water in the tub, sink, or toilet
  • Unclogging stopped up drains and speeding up slow ones
  • Thoroughly cleaning out dirty drains
  • Fixing stopped or under-performing sump pumps
  • Outfitting washing machines with burst-proof hoses
  • Sewer repair and rooter service, whether trenchless or by means of excavation
  • Eliminating leaks in septic tanks
  • Correcting supply lines issues

A home’s water pipes are relied upon to provide an uninterrupted supply of water for a multitude or domestic uses.

When water does not arrive where it ought and spills out in places where it doesn’t belong, any of the following plumbing repairs may be in order:

  • Repairing dripping faucets and shower heads
  • Adjusting low or high water pressure
  • Replacing burst or broken lengths of pipe
  • Thawing out frozen pipes
  • Detecting hidden, hairline leaks, by means of water pressure tests or pipe repair video inspection
  • Repiping a house with old, corroded pipes, whether in copper or PEX
  • Cleaning a water heater or replacing its thermostat or other failed part
  • Replacing a worn, energy inefficient boiler
  • Installing an instant hot water unit under a sink
  • Servicing Fixtures and Appliances

While the supply pipes bring water where it is needed, it is fixtures and appliances that allow that water to be conveniently used.

Some of the most typical plumbing repair services we offer in this area are:

  • Repairing or replacing faucets, shower heads, and on/off knobs
  • Repairing or replacing a broken toilet
  • Making garbage disposals work more quietly and without periodically getting jammed
  • Preventing a dishwasher from leaving a film on the dishes
  • Installing or repairing water softeners and filtration systems
  • Making Visible Plumbing Attractive

Sometimes, it is not that the plumbing or its attachments do not work properly, but it is simply that their appearance is unattractive. We can renovate whole kitchens and bathrooms by repairing chips, scratches, and rust marks wherever possible. Alternatively, we can remove old tubs, showers, sinks, faucets, etc. and install new ones.

Our plumbing repair services cover all of the above and more. We cater to the whole Santa Cruz area and will be quick to respond to all of your plumbing needs.