Water Softener Repair & Installation in Santa Cruz County

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Water softeners allow hundreds of residents and business owners in our service areas access to ensure their tap water is 100% potable. It helps them bathe, wash cars, and cook without worrying about soap scum and mineral sediments. At Expert Plumbing & Water Heaters, Inc., we are proud to be the leading family-owned water softener repair and installation company in Santa Cruz, Aptos, Capitola, Soquel, and Santa Cruz County.

Many water softener companies promise the best, but we back up our claims by winning the Best Plumbing Service in Santa Cruz award from Good Times for the third consecutive year in 2023.

We also offer water heater repair for gas and electric units damaged by hard water.

Signs You Need Water Softener Repair

Your water softeners might need repair if they exhibit the following symptoms:

  • Your dish or hand soap does not lather because of the mineral content in your water.
  • Your laundry comes out dull and stiff, even after switching detergents.
  • You find mineral scale buildup on tubs and faucets.
  • You detect strange tastes and odors on your tap water.

We recommend calling professionals for a checkup immediately after detecting these signs. Water softeners connect to various fixtures in your home, which might break down with a continuous supply of hard water and cost hundreds of dollars to fix.

What to Expect from Water Softener Maintenance Services

When you contact us for water softener maintenance, we will come to your home or business at our agreed-upon time. Our technicians will use state-of-the-art tools to inspect your unit.

We might disassemble or test the following components to detect signs of failure:

  • Your mineral tank
  • Control valve
  • Brine Tank
  • The co- or counter-current generation cycle of your filtration system

Do you need plumbing solutions for fixtures affected by a broken water heater? Contact us today!

When Do You Need Water Softener Installation or Replacement?

Water softeners have an average lifespan of 15 to 25 years, depending on the water quality in your locale. Most problems materialize in their final ten years of service.

A water softener service company can help your unit handily exceed 25 years of life while sorting through large quantities of mineral deposits. Our technicians warn against a set-it-and-forget-it attitude when installing filtration systems.

Technicians can usually repair water softeners by replacing a few components, like the float and valve assembly, drains, and outlet manifolds. However, water softener replacement might be more cost-efficient when a tank breaks down.

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