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  Gena C.
Santa Cruz, CA5star 7/22/2017

We were on our way out of town when two of our downstairs toilets refused to flush. On our way back, we called Expert Plumbing from the road and they met us at home the next day.

Moe quickly determined that we had a problem, and the worst kind: old pipe, tree roots, and broken lines. Talal got us scheduled immediately for repairs. As we were heading out of town again, they jumped to have things done by the time we got home.

Communication was clear and Talal was upfront about what our options were. We ended up replacing everything and Expert Plumbing handled the whole job professionally from start to finish. They dealt with the city of Santa Cruz, permits, and inspections. Highly recommended!  Merrill L.
Santa Cruz, CA5star 5/20/2015

Expert Plumbing is as good as it gets on so many levels. Talal, the owner, is an excellent communicator and extremely responsive. He details the problem and what it would take to fix it, and the cost. This is a very kind, nice gentleman.

My situation was awful. In our commercial location, both women’s toilets were not operating properly, one dramatically overflowing everywhere, and the other one wouldn’t flush the waste.

Needless to say, the women around here were extremely unhappy. We’ve had a revolving door of “plumbers” or folks who call themselves that, but Talal and his brother were the only real plumbers we’ve seen. Talal got us a reasonably priced replacement that day from his supplier, installed it that day.

The women around here are dancing. I appreciated how quickly Expert Plumbing responded to us, their rapid diagnosis and professional way they fixed it. The problems, plural, went away and have stayed away.


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