Need a Sewer Lateral Inspection to sell a house?

Expert Plumbing is certified by the City of Santa Cruz to perform sewer lateral inspections. Give us a call today!

What is a Sewer Lateral Inspection?

A sewer lateral sewer line is a privately-owned pipeline connecting a property to the publicly-owned main sewer line. It is the responsibility of the property owner to maintain and repair the lateral.


In Santa Cruz, a new law has been passed to help clean up sewage contamination in our local waters. As of 2019, property sellers will be required to have their sewer laterals inspected by video by a city-certified sewer inspector.


Talal Dakkak (founder of Expert Plumbing) is one of Santa Cruz’s city certified sewer inspectors.


Need A Sewer Inspection?

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Get Help Now


How Does a Sewer Scope Inspection (aka Sewer Lateral Inspection) Work?

It’s actually quite simple for you! After setting up your sewer scope inspection appointment, Talal (our founder, head plumber, and Santa Cruz certified inspector) will fly a robotic drone into your sewer lateral piping to record video and photographs of the inside of the pipe.


During the sewer inspection, Talal will be looking at the integrity of the pipes and checking for cracks, root intrusion, and other structural damage that might contaminate our watersheds.


Upon completion, the pictures will be analyzed and the extent of any damage will be graded.


As a part of the new Santa Cruz sewer lateral ordinance, owners can apply for a city rebate of as much as $1,400 of repairs.

Reach out today and let us help you apply for the rebate.