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  Gina C.
Santa Cruz, CA5star 9/15/2017

Excellent service! I can’t’ thank Talal and Moe enough for their responsive and professional competency.

I called Expert Plumbing on a Wednesday morning before work about our leaking water heater. Talal called me back within 15 minutes and was able to stop by soon after to assess our situation.

We had an old propane water heater located precariously in the attic. Talal walked me through all the options and estimated costs. We knew it was going to be a big project because we wanted to eliminate the attic option and install a new water heater into an outside workshop shed.

Talal was able to schedule it for the very next day so we wouldn’t have to be without hot water for very long. I was very grateful to not only have hot water but to get a new water heater installed a safe location by Thursday night. I will definitely call them again!  Dave K.
Santa Cruz, CA5star 8/11/2017

I came home last night to a water heater that had finally bitten-the-dust.

After a quick google search and yelp review, I called Expert Plumbing around 8:30pm. I got a text back at 8:31 saying they could call me the next morning at 7am – which they did.

Talal came out a few hours later, told me what a new heater would cost and that they could have it installed that day. So, here I am 20 hours later writing a great review for Talal and Expert Plumbing – totally professional, totally responsible, totally timely, and totally worth it. Would highly recommend.


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