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As experienced plumbers, we know that our customers have a lot of questions about their plumbing systems. Here are answers to some of the most common questions we get.

There are multiple causes for a sewer line to clog: Non flushable items (baby wipes, keys, toys). Old sewer lines, like: cast iron sewer lines, galvanized piping, clay, orangeburg or asbestos. External causes like: breaks in the line caused by: tree roots, earth moving, earthquakes, etc.
Possibly. However, there should always be a cause for the sewer line clog.
We highly recommend calling an expert to assist you with the issue. There is a high risk of the individual hurting themselves or causing major damage to the property if no proper training has been provided. Unclogging a drain requires the use of specialized heavy duty power equipment and proper training is crucial. Give the Expert a call at: 831-316-7338
When your sewer line is clogged, stop using the water. Turn off the water if necessary. Give the experts at Expert Plumbing a call to schedule your service asap. 831-316-7338
Not all clogged drains or sewer lines are the same. Therefore the cost is different from drain to drain, and from house to house. We typically need to come out for a site visit to understand the issue better and perform proper diagnostics to understand how and from where to snake the drain. Typically, the cost range is anywhere from $300 - $700 depending on what types of drain is clogged and what access to use to snake it.
A single person needs at least a 30-gallon tank to live comfortably, while a family of four usually needs a 50 to 60-gallon tank. These are rough estimates, but our team can offer you more specific solutions when you call us for service.
You may be running out of hot water for many reasons, such as:
  • Your water heater is too small for your needs.
  • You have low or fluctuating water pressure.
  • Your tank is improperly insulated and loses heat through the sides.
  • The heater elements are dirty and can’t heat the water efficiently.
  • You’re using too much hot water at one time.
  • The water heater vent is clogged.
  • Your thermostat settings are wrong, or the thermostat is malfunctioning.
  • You have other plumbing issues like old pipes or clogs.
  • There is a leak somewhere in the system.
This is the most common of the FAQs. We recommend flushing these lines professionally every one and a half to two years at the very least. If your drains empty sluggishly, call us sooner.
Drain and sewer cleaning is very similar. What is different is the type of waste these systems carry. Drains carry wastewater from your house to the municipal system. This is the water from the kitchen sink, bathtub, shower, and faucets. This line is smaller in diameter and tends to block more easily. Anything you pour down the kitchen or bathroom sink is a clogging hazard. The worst examples, however, include food waste and grease. The sewer line requires careful handling because it carries human waste from the toilets. The pipe has a larger circumference, and so is less likely to clog. It is, however, possible to block it if you flush the wrong things down the toilet. For example, if you flush sanitary products or diapers down the toilet, they will clog the system.
Solving low water pressure issues almost always involves calling professionals because there are numerous potential causes, including:
  • High demand
  • Issues with the shutoff valve
  • Problems with appliances or fixtures
  • A faulty pressure regulator
  • Branch lines that are too small to cope with the load
  • Corroding plumbing or clogs
For emergency situations, we may have same day availability. Our local office will work with you to get someone out as quickly as possible.
Our helpful office team are happy to discuss the details of the work you need and give you a broad range. However, on our site technician is much better qualified to give you an accurate in depth quote and walk you through it.
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A plumbing emergency can be defined as anything that is causing immediate structural damage or poses an immediate danger or risk of death. For example, a flooding basement, or burst pipe that is causing structural damage.


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