Trenchless Sewer Line Services in Soquel & Santa Cruz County, CA

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At Expert Plumbing & Water Heaters, Inc., we are proud to be the leading provider of trenchless pipe repair in Santa Cruz County and Soquel, CA. Trenchless sewer lines allow thousands of residents and business owners in our service areas to minimize their environmental footprint and lower the cost of their construction projects compared to open-cut excavation. Most trenchless pipes and fixtures have an average lifespan of 50 years, with most problems appearing after the 30-year mark.

Our licensed plumbers and project managers have decades of combined experience in no dig sewer replacement. We are also qualified experts in trenchless sewer relining and maintenance. We received the Best Plumbing Service in Santa Cruz award from Good Times for the third consecutive year in 2023.

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Advantages of Trenchless Water Line Repair and Replacement

Trenchless technologies and maintenance processes are among the fastest-growing sectors of the plumbing industry.

Traditional water line replacement and repair methods require digging a massive trench in your front or backyard to inspect and repair damaged fixtures. Trenchless pipe repair bypasses this process to deliver the same quality of service in a more efficient timetable. Depending on your repair case, trenchless jobs might also be cheaper and easier to implement for plumbers.

Here are the top three advantages of trenchless water line repair.

  • Trenchless water line repair involves digging two holes in your yard, one at the pipe entrance and one at the exit. Plumbers do not require excavators and bulldozers, which might damage flower beds and nearby trees.
  • Most trenchless repair projects finish in two to four days, while conventional methods can take weeks.
  • You can avoid the remodeling costs for damaged walkways, decorative patios, and landscaping fixtures damaged by conventional repairs.

When to Consider a Trenchless Sewer Line Repair or Replacement

Broken trenchless pipes show the same symptoms as conventional ones. While trenchless systems are generally less prone to damage than traditional ones, pipes can still freeze, rust, and suffer from tree root intrusions when they develop leaks.

Here are four signs you might need trenchless pipe repair or replacement:

  • Foul odors emanate from your sinks and bathtubs, possibly indicating a methane buildup in your sewer system, which can pose an immediate health risk for your family.
  • Multiple drains repeatedly clog in your home, and a plunger or a snake cannot repair them.
  • You notice dark green patches of grass and vegetation growing on your lawn, signifying an imbalance in soil nutrients from an underground sewer leak that requires inspection.
  • You have slow drains and need to flush the toilet twice.

The Disadvantages of Trenchless Sewer Repair

Trenchless sewer repair typically requires higher labor costs as plumbers need additional training and specialized equipment to offer it to business owners and residents. Conventional repair quotes are usually 30% cheaper for residential properties. However, most clients report more savings in the long run as they avoid the massive costs associated with restorative work to repair their lawns and landscaping fixtures affected by open excavations.

Trenchless pipe repair and replacement might be unsuitable for some clients as their plumbing is too broken for restoration or their topography cannot accommodate new piping systems. Trenchless pipes are more resistant to damage from plant life, erosion, and metal degradation but might require replacement after 40 to 50 years.

We offer video sewer inspections to help you discover which repair method is best for you!

Trenchless Pipe Lining in Santa Cruz County

Trenchless sewer relining is the most widespread repair option for damaged commercial and residential pipes. Our plumbers will scrub and smoothen a damaged underground pipe and insert a new one inside. This process allows us to instantly repair your sewer line without digging.

There are three ways we do trenchless pipe lining:

  • Cured-in-place relining: where we use resinous materials like epoxy coats to repair minor damage.
  • Slip lining: where we install a brand-new pipe inside an old one.
  • Fold-and-form relining: where we insert a liner and heat it inside a pipe to undo 100% of interior damage.

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