Santa Cruz County's Soquel Sewer Video Inspection

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Expert Plumbing & Water Heaters, Inc. is a licensed company providing sewer camera inspection services in Santa Cruz County and Soquel, CA. We help homeowners and buyers assess the health of water lines and sewer systems through state-of-the-art sewer video inspection equipment. Corroded pipes and leaking tanks can require thousands of dollars to remediate, and our techniques help clients find signs of damage before they get out of hand.

We offer plumbing solutions for residents and business owners who discover leaks and piping problems too late. From Santa Cruz to Watsonville, our team has your home covered!

What Is a Sewer Line Video Inspection?

Sewers are damp, dark, and challenging to inspect. Before the advent of Go Pros and similarly sized video cameras, plumbers needed to drill exploratory holes in pipes and plan out dig points on lawns to find the causes of clogs and leaks. Clients often sacrificed sections of flower beds and private gardens to accommodate these activities.

Today, assessments are faster and more cost-efficient, thanks to specialist equipment. At Expert Plumbing & Water Heaters, Inc., our clients no longer need to worry about our professionals digging trenches in their yards or holes in their outdoor decks. We conduct sewer video inspections by lowering a camera through a point-of-entry only two-to-three inches large.

How Does a Sewer Drain Camera Inspection Work?

When you call us for a sewer video inspection, we will schedule a date that works for you. We might need to shut off your water supply during an assessment.

We will lower a tiny camera through your bathtub and sink drains, which lead to your sewer lines. Sometimes, we might need to drill a watch-sized hole into a larger pipe that connects your home to the municipal pipes beneath a nearby road.

Our technicians will see and locate the causes of clogs and blockages on your sewer lines in real-time. Our new knowledge will allow us to plan and recommend the fastest and most cost-efficient solution to your plumbing problems.

We offer trenchless sewer repair for clients looking to save time and money. Call us for help in Felton, Ben Lomond, and La Selva Beach!

The Benefits of a Sewer Drain Video Inspection in Santa Cruz County

A sewer video inspection offers three highly sought-after benefits:

  • It is non-invasive and affordable, often requiring no restoration expenses.
  • It allows technicians to detect a broad range of issues on your sewer lines that conventional methods might overlook.
  • It lets you track the health of your sewer lines in real-time.

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