Main Sewer Line Services in Soquel, CA, & Santa Cruz County

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Our team at Expert Plumbing & Water Heaters, Inc. is proud to be the most reliable family-owned company providing sewer line installation and maintenance in Santa Cruz County and Soquel, CA. We serve numerous residents who want experienced plumbers to repair their toilets and baths and business owners who require project management for large-scale maintenance jobs.

We have decades of combined experience working with different waste management systems. We are proud to be among the most well-reviewed sewer line repair company in our various service areas, earning numerous stellar ratings on independent websites and online forums. Our technicians are also well-versed in trenchless sewer pipe installation and relining for clients who do not want to remodel landscapes and exterior structures due to excavation.

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What Problems Can Sewer Pipe Repair Professionals Solve?

Dozens of clients call us for sewer line repair monthly. Our technicians have seen every cause of leaks and blockages imaginable. However, we usually find three problems in commercial and residential structures.

  • Root intrusions occur when nearby trees use the decaying solid and liquid discharges from a sewer leak as a nutrient source.
  • Temperature spikes cause soil erosion and shifting, making old sewer lines rupture and burst.
  • Deteriorating pipes overrun with rust and oxidation can cause thousands of dollars in damage to your foundation.

Signs You Need Sewer Line Maintenance & Tune-Ups

Technicians recommend scheduling a main sewer line inspection at least once a year. Here are a few signs you might be due for a tune-up:

  • Your toilets emit foul odors that smell like sewer gas, indicating methane buildup in your pipes.
  • Your drains are slow and clog frequently.
  • Your lawn develops dark green patches of grass, which might indicate a soil nutrient imbalance from sewage leaks.
  • You deal with frequent rodent and insect infestations.

From Felton to La Selva Beach, we offer reliable plumbing services for unexpected leaks in commercial and residential structures.

Do You Need Sewer Pipe Replacement or Installation?

Conventional systems take 30 to 50 years before requiring sewer line replacement. Most problems appear in their final ten years, often due to corrosion or seismic-related damage.

Our technicians conduct free on-site inspections for customers, informing them whether their sewer lines are still suitable for repair. Installing better pipes is sometimes the more cost-efficient solution.


There are multiple causes for a sewer line to clog: Non flushable items (baby wipes, keys, toys). Old sewer lines, like: cast iron sewer lines, galvanized piping, clay, orangeburg or asbestos. External causes like: breaks in the line caused by: tree roots, earth moving, earthquakes, etc.
Possibly. However, there should always be a cause for the sewer line clog.
We highly recommend calling an expert to assist you with the issue. There is a high risk of the individual hurting themselves or causing major damage to the property if no proper training has been provided. Unclogging a drain requires the use of specialized heavy duty power equipment and proper training is crucial. Give the Expert a call at: 831-316-7338
When your sewer line is clogged, stop using the water. Turn off the water if necessary. Give the experts at Expert Plumbing a call to schedule your service asap. 831-316-7338
Not all clogged drains or sewer lines are the same. Therefore the cost is different from drain to drain, and from house to house. We typically need to come out for a site visit to understand the issue better and perform proper diagnostics to understand how and from where to snake the drain. Typically, the cost range is anywhere from $300 - $700 depending on what types of drain is clogged and what access to use to snake it.

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