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All About Water: undersink Water Heaters, Water Pressure & Water Conditioning

Did You Know?: Under Sink Water Heaters

Undersink water heaters are compact and efficient water heaters that go under your sink. They are so small that they take up little space under the area of your sink. These types of water heaters are not considered replacements of the traditional water heaters – but, actually, they work in conjunction with central heaters. Under-sink water heaters are designed to provide you with fast, instant hot water in your kitchen or bathroom sink when washing dishes or your hands.

Under Sink Water Heater - Expert Plumbing - Santa Cruz, CA

Save money on your energy bill and lower your energy usage by installing an under sink hot water heater. They are small electric units that are mounted under a sink to supply hot water directly to that faucet. These undersink heaters require less energy because they only heat up a small amount of water at a time!

Stay tuned because we’ll be going in depth about under sink water heaters in a later article …

How’s Your Water Pressure?

Having low water pressure can really get in the way of every day life. When you’re in a hurry and late for work or school, you just don’t have time to wait for your water pressure! It can be a huge inconvenience.

Fix Water Pressure - Expert Plumbing - Santa Cruz

Low water pressure is a very common issue in many homes today. It’s not something anyone wants to experience. Low water pressure can make it difficult to bathe, wash dishes, or do anything else around your house. If you feel like your water pressure isn’t where it should be, there are a variety of things that can be causing it.

Check If You Have Low Water Pressure

Here’s how to test it:

Step 1: Place a 1 liter measuring jug under your shower

Step 2: Turn the problem tap or shower on full

Step 3: Time how long it takes to fill the jug

Step 4: If it takes more than 6 seconds to fill the jug, then you have low water pressure.

If you need help with your water pressure, be sure to let us know and we can help!

What’s Whole House Water Conditioning Do?

A whole house water conditioner is a versatile water treatment system that gives you a broad range of benefits. A quality water conditioner may reduce water hardness and also provides a host of other benefits that you’d enjoy from a quality water filter. Think of a whole-house water conditioner as a more comprehensive water treatment product for your entire house!

Whole House Water Conditioning - Expert Plumbing - Santa Cruz

Here at Expert Plumbing, we’ve had years of experience in installing whole house water sediment filters. It helps to have an entire house water conditioning system – or at the very least a sediment filter. TRUST US.

A few benefits of having a whole house water conditioning system:

  • Protects your plumbing and fixtures
  • Provides you and your family with clean and healthy drinking water
  • Provides you clean and refreshing water to bathe in
  • Increases the effectiveness of your dishwasher and laundry machines
  • Improves the effectiveness of your soap, shampoos and laundry detergent – and makes you use less of them!
  • Reduces the risk of water supply related plumbing problems with your appliances and pipes

Our professional plumbers are highly experienced in a wide range of specific plumbing-related tasks, including specialty projects!

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