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As the name suggests, a backflow prevention device stops water from flowing backward in your pipes, protecting your clean water from pollution or contamination. Our trusted plumbers are familiar with plumbing codes and laws, and we tailor our services to deliver stellar customer service.

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Purpose of Backflow Prevention Devices

Without backflow prevention, contaminated water can flow back into your home’s plumbing system. Installing a backflow prevention device:

  • Protects clean drinking water
  • Complies with regulations
  • Prevents cross-contamination
  • Maintains your water quality

How Does a Backflow Prevention Device Work?

Water entering your home from the main water supply should always flow in only one direction. Property owners install backflow prevention devices anywhere cross-contamination may occur, such as when wastewater flows in the reverse direction into a clean water pipe.

Backflow occurs in cross-connections between the water supply line and washing machines, sprinkler systems, or dishwashers, where pressure changes in pipes may cause water to flow backward into the main water supply line. There are several types of backflow prevention devices, including:

  • Pressure vacuum breakers
  • Double-check valves
  • Reduced pressure zones

While they may differ slightly, all backflow devices work by allowing water to flow in only one direction.

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Signs You Need a New Backflow Prevention Device in Santa Cruz County

Like everything else, your backflow prevention device or backwater valve can wear out and not function properly. Look out for the following signs that you may need to replace your backflow device:

  • Water leaks
  • Discolored water
  • Strange smell or taste in water
  • Uneven water pressure
  • Slow drainage
  • Visible particles

Contact our licensed and insured plumbers for backflow prevention installation as soon as you notice any of the symptoms above. We keep up with the latest technology and provide flat-rate prices for every job.

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