Expert Solutions for Emergency Plumbing Situations

As a family-owned business that has been part of the Santa Cruz community for many years, we understand the distress that you feel when the need for emergency plumbing work suddenly arises. While emergency plumbing can take many forms, there are five specific emergency plumbing services that stand out for their relative commonness and urgency.

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Fixing Broken Pipes

Pipes can break in half or suddenly burst for many different reasons. Tree roots can contort underground pipes, excessively high water pressure can cause a rupture, and natural disasters can snap pipes in half.

Finally, some pipes rust and weaken simply due to age. It may be necessary to repipe the whole house rather than simply replace a stretch of broken pipe. Whatever the exact cause and circumstances, we have the expertise to remedy all broken pipe problems.

Stopping Leaking Faucets

If a leak is fast and unstoppable, perhaps shooting out of the faucet at high pressure, it ranks as a plumbing emergency. If water is flooding out of floors, walls, and ceilings due to hidden leaks, we know how to find and correct the problem in short space of time.

Old, rusted fixtures, joints, and attachments may lead to a leak. When combined with too-high water pressure, these are but “leaks waiting to happen.” Regular plumbing inspections can sometimes prevent leaks, but when they occur, they must be addressed immediately.

Unclogging Drains

Most clogged up drains are less than emergency issues, but when a drain backs up and pours out water all over the bathroom or kitchen floor, there is no time to waste in unplugging it.

Sometimes a malfunctioning garbage disposal will contribute to emergency clogs. Other times, it is only a matter of natural grime build up on the insides of pipes. We can both remove the clog and clean out the pipes to prevent any recurrence.

Correcting Backed Up Sewers

When a sewer back up, waste water will threaten to spill out of toilets, tubs, and sinks. The yard can become polluted, and you will have to leave the house to use a public restroom.

We offer rooter cleaning and backup valve correction services that will get your wastewater system back into normal operation. We have the tools and experience to make short work of eliminating this kind of dilemma.

Solving Toilet Troubles

Running toilets create many of the same problems as backed up sewers and clogs, but they often result from other causes. The toilet may suffer from sediment build up, rusted connections, or malfunctioning inner parts. We can identify the exact problem and fix it fast.

You can contact us 24/7 for same-day attention to all of your emergency plumbing repair needs. By acting quickly, you prevent further water damage to your home and minimize the time you must spend without full use of your plumbing.

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